New Things

Hello All,

Just wanted to write a few things down for the general public to let everyone know what’s going on with Small Spring.

First off:

I (Shawn) have started a new job that has me working from home and therefore closer to my instruments and my laptop and Logic Pro and so I am making more time to be creative and to sprout new ideas. The seeds have been planted and I am waiting to harvest them once they have reached maturity. The past couple of months (maybe from April onward) have been somewhat of a rollercoaster but the ride has just reached the end (for now) and I am taking a minute to collect myself before any future stressors occur.

Stress is sometimes (and mostly) awful but the good thing is that once it’s over you (me) are left with lots of inspiration for new and exciting creative projects. I’ve been painting, writing fiction, writing songs, writing comic books. Most of which will never see the light of day, but nonetheless, there has been an outpouring of creativity lately and I am going to try and funnel it into some content for you, the consumer.


  • GuestHouse LP II
  • Cantaloupe LP II
  • Ankle Problems II
  • Munz/REYEZ V
  • (super secret project)


For now have this song.

Stay tuned for more news.

Love you all,

Shawn ❤

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